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How to get to us


Travelling from Wroclaw:

1. On A4 Motorway, take exit No. 248, direction on signpost: road No. 423 and Krapkowice, Kedzierzyn-Kozle, Gogolin.

2. After 400 m drive from the motorway, you will approach road No. 423 from Kedzierzyn-Kozle to Opole, there turn right, signpost to Gogolin, Opole.

3. Go over the motorway through overbridge, right away after it on crossroads turn right into road No. 406, signpost to Strzelce Op.

4. Go straight for about 16 km, first on the main road through Gogolin, then through Dabrówka, Ligota Dolna, Niwki, Kalinowice.

5. After Kalinowice, turn right, signpost to Góra Sw. Anny.

6. Go straight through Wysoka to Góra Sw. Anny.


Travelling from Katowice:

1. Take exit No. 269 on A4 Motorway, signposts to Strzelce Op. and Kedzierzyn-Kozle (pay attention not to leave the motorway earlier by taking exit No. 245, where there is signpost only to Strzelce Op.!).

2. After leaving the motorway, 300 m ahead you will approach to a road from Strzelce Op. to Kedzierzyn-Kozle. Turn right, signpost to Kedzierzyn-Kozle.

3. Go straight for about 6 km to Zalesie Sl.

4. In Zalesie Sl. turn right from the main road, signpost to Góra Sw. Anny.

5. In the centre of Zalesie Sl. on crossroads the main road will turn left but you have to go straight.

6. Go straight for another 6 km to Lesnica, through Lichynia.

7. Go through Lesnica following the main road, signposts to Góra Sw. Anny.

8. After 300 m ahead Lesnica on crossroads, take curve to the left, road with right of way, signpost to Góra Sw. Anny.

9. After about 2 km you will approach to a road from Zdzieszowice to Góra Sw. Anny. Turn right, after about 400 m you will reach Góra Sw. Anny.








Franciscan Monastery

ul. Klasztorna 6

47-154 Góra Sw. Anny

tel. 48-77/463 09 00

fax 48-77/463 09 28

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Pilgrim's House

al. Jana Pawla II, 7

47-154 Góra Sw. Anny

tel. 48-77/46 25 301

fax 48-77/46 25 320

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Youth Ministry

al. Jana Pawla II, 7

47-154 Góra Sw. Anny

tel. 48-77/46 25 336, -339

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How to get to us


Saint Anne's Mountain is a village close to the A4 motorway, between Wroclaw and Katowice more >>>



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Saint Anne's Mountain

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